Which Agriculture and Forestry Marketplace Could We Provide for You?

Agriculturalbyproducts Marketplaces include agricultural and forestry products, services, timber trade, agricultural by-products, forest and food residues and used machinery and equipment.

The goal is to create a competitive advantage, measurable added value and economies of scale without a heavy organization.

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Geographic Information System displays all items, sellers, buyers, farmers, dairies, food factories, and logistics providers on the map.

ERP of Marketplaces is a totally revolutionary Map Solution for data mining and analytics related business planning, implementation and optimize transport routes.

ERP Business Intelligence includes automated ERP-processes, intelligent algorithms, analytics tools and premium class Search, MatchWatcher (MW) and Compare services.

ERP Voice Message includes automated voice notifications and many other ways to use marketplaces and control ERP-processes with unique voice-system.

How to get Started?

You need to first register to get started. After this you have full access to Marketplaces. You can for example:

You can use the service freely, you only pay commissions of completed transactions!

Please, check the Terms & Conditions for more information.